Bathurst 12 Hour 2018 - Race 2 - Race Report

Bathurst 12 Hour 2018 - Race 2 - Race Report

Overall, the team had a stellar weekend in the Bathurst 12 hour with all the cars running strongly.


In the second race for the #85 Mercedes AMG, the team of Will Lesslie, Sam Harris and John King had an interesting race to say the least. It seemed simple at the start - Will started from the pits in an all GT3 field and steadily made his way up the order, handing over to Sam after 2 stints in 12th place. Sam made a bit more progress and was running in 8th by the middle of his 2nd stint. At that point the race leader cam up to lap us and on sooner had John warned Sam to let the leader by because he had already pushed one car off the track passing them when he punted Sam off!. Luckily there was much damage but Sam had to pit. After 2 mins of repairs, John took over and drove hard for a double stint and got the car back to 8th position, Sam them did another stint before handing back to John and going to bed (5am for Sam by this stage). That left John b y himself in the car with Will only due back for the last 3 hours of the race. All went well and John was cruising in 6th position halfway through his 2nd stint when disaster happened - he was disconnected from the server. Being alone, it meant John had to wait for iRacing to recognise he been disconnected, reconnect and then wait for the server to load again, In all we lost 3 laps and it dropped us back to 9th.


John and (particularly) Will drove very hard for the last 3 hours to regain positions and although Will had one unfortunate incident where he made contact with the 3rd place Audi when passing him, we managed to get the car back to 5th place - probably where we'd have finished without the disconnect but certainly it was a lot harder than it seemed halfway through the race!


It was a great performance by all 3 drivers - Will was super fast for the last couple of hours, setting the cars fastest lap on lap 328 (of 333!) but Sam and John had good pace as well. John drove 128 laps for 3 incidents and 1 of those was getting greddy with cutting the grass on the entry to the pits smiley