Majors Round 2 - Daytona 500 International Region - Race Report

Majors Round 2 - Daytona 500 International Region - Race Report

The International region Daytona 500 ran a week earlier than the other regions due to conflicts in the schedule. Alex Sheridan had to sit this one out due to equipment problems (although he may run in the Pacific region this coming weekend).


Our ex-BAM team-mate now at Atlas Simsport, David Vieira gave us a setup he'd developed for Atlas for the iRacing Daytona 500's running the same week and the set was great - we were immediately running very fast times both in race trim and qualifying.


As the race started, the team was in a very strong position with John King 2nd on the grid and all the other driver - Jake Fox, Josh Noack, Troy McGuire and Martin Houston plus Sam Harris from Atlas Simsport (guesting in this race because he can't make the Atlantic region race next week) all in the top 15.


The plan was to be patient during the 1st half of the race and try to get into a group together as early as possible. Those plans went slightly wrong when both Troy and Jake were involved in early wrecks. We decided to save their "fast repair" for near the end of the race so both pitted, made what repairs they could and rejoin at the back of the lead lap. For most of the rest of the race, both ran as fast as they could and did fantastically, staying on the lead lap and keeping themselves in contention for the final stages.


Meanwhile John, Sam and Josh got into a group together and moved their way forward, experimenting on the best order and how they could overtake people. By lap 80 they were in the lead group and decide to try to take the lead and see if they could hold off attacks from other people. This proved to be decisive, with them leading for almost all of the remaining laps. 


From lap 120, there was a long green flag run and the 3 "Kinetic" drivers plus 2 others pulled out a significant lead on the rest of the field. We made the only green flag stop on lap 160 (we could do 42 laps on a tank of fuel so his was the final fuel stop needed). Some of the competitors stayed out slightly longer but by lap 166 the Kinetic train was back in the lead and the group was down to 4 with one of the previous group having lost time during his stop. Troy and Jake both had new cars at this stage and were recovering ground quickly and both were running in the top 10.


Things got a little more difficult (and interesting) with another couple of cautions. Unfortunately Jake got damaged again so was once again just hanging on and Josh got slightly delayed as well and dropped down the order slightly. 


On the final restart, John was 1st with Sam directly behind him - the ideal situation. Troy was 4th but messed up the restart, changing down a gear instead of changing up so we had a situation with Troy, Josh and Jake running 6-7-8 but detached from the  group of 4 out front.


Sam continued to push John for the last 4 laps and they weren't seriously challenged. On the run to the line, John moved to the outside to allow Sam alongside and they went across the line virtually together with John being classified as the winner by 0.004, Sam 2nd and Troy, Josh & Jake 6-7-8.


Martin had also been damaged (twice!) early in the race but made a great recovery to finish 19th.


Overall, an awesome team effort, with spotting help from Elliot Meme, Scott Corbin, Alex Sheridan and Christian Challiner as well!


The results leave Kinetic with a comfortable lead in the "Constructors" championship and John, Josh and Jake 1, 3 and 4 in the Pro standings.