2019 Majors International

2019 Majors International

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 02:45 to 17:00

During 2019, Kinetic will have 3 teams running in the International region.


#1. Kinetic Schwift Racing. This is effectively the defending champion constructor team but now acknowledging the contribution made last year by Josh Noack who is a member of Schwift racing for most iRacing events. This year the team will also be joined by Schwift's Eric Thorpe and also Dean Moll who run as a privateer last year and finished 5th in the drivers championship. John King and Alex Sheridan of Kinetic will be the other team members.


#2  Kinetic International Jnr - this is a junior team to Kinetic Schwift Racing and is effectively a reserve team for it. Jake Fox (4th in last years drivers championship!) will be the sole member but will replace anybody in the "main" team in events they have to miss, assuming Jake is available for that race.


#3. Kinetic Int Sport. This will be the "customer" team racing in the Sportsman constructors division. Martin Houston, Will Lesslie and Craig Hawkins will all be in this team but Will may miss some rounds.


So far in 2019:


Round 1 saw a disastrous start for the team, with Josh Noack, Dean Moll and John King all involved in (other peoples) incidents in the early stages of the race. But solid drives by Eric Thorpe and Alex Sheridan and great comebacks by both Dean and John showed the strength of the team and they lead the standings after round 1. Eric also leads the Sportsmans category and John the legends.


Round 2


The weekend of the Majors Daytona 500 is Josh's birthday and he'll very likely be missing for the race. So, Jake will replace him in the factory team. . The team has looked strong in practice and with pack drafting so important at Daytona, the number of cars in the team could be a big factor.