2019 Majors Europe - 2

Kinetic Europe Jnr

Car/Driver Profile: 
The Kinetic Europe Jnr team is really a backup for the factory team for race when the Factory team drivers aren't available. But, it's a good team in it's own right and as long as we don't need to sacrifice drivers to the factory team too often, should be fairly competitive in the Sportsman constructors category. Sylvain joined Kinetic halfway through 2018 and has worked hard to improve. Last year he was hindered by poor internet connections but hopefully that's resolved now and he should be able to achieve the kind of results he's capable of, particularly now he's part of a strong regional team. Uldis ran last years Majors and was drafted in Kinetic this year. He's a strong driver and has fitted well into the team so we should see good results from him. Matuesz is also a draftee and is fairly inexperienced. But, he's fitting in well and has shown some good pace so we have high hopes he'll become a strong contributor to the team.