2019 Bathurst 12 Hour - Race Report

2019 Bathurst 12 Hour - Race Report

We gave the new Kinetic Momentum car a great debut in the Bathurst 12 hour. We chose team veterans [ John King ] and [ Gustavo Cianfarani ] to start and finish the race respectively and newcomers [ Dustin Berentsen ] and [ Jonathan Diggs ] to do the bulk of the driving in the middlepart of the race.


The 1st couple of hour were interesting - John qualified the car 4th and after a careful start, ran in that position while dawn was breaking. Once the track was fully lit, John started to catch the 3rd place car but just as he got on the tail of that car, a lapped car spun directly in front of them exiting the chase and collected John. Our car was damaged but only lost about 1 sec of pace and John finished his 1st stint in 5th place. After a stop for new tyres and fuel, John resumed and was up to 4th when he got hit at the Elbow - the lapped car behind had obviously seen last weeks real life Bathurst 12 hour and tried to replicate the race winning overtake into The elbow. John was spun around and lost a lot of time but the car was still OK.


The rest of the race was fairly uneventful - Dustin and Jonathan did a great job to avoid any major incidents , as did Gustavo when he closed the race up for us. Problems for other leading cars meant that we ended up with a great 3rd place.


Congratulations to our friend and Major team-mate [ Dean Moll ] for his team's 2nd place in the same race!