2019 iRacing Sebring 12 Hour - Race Report

2019 iRacing Sebring 12 Hour - Race Report

Kinetic Movement #67 had a great run in the 1st timeslot for Sebring. We were in the top split of 3 with Gustavo/Linden scheduled to do the 1st 7-8 hours of the race and Rob, with a single stint from John to help spread the load to close out the race.


Everything went pretty much to plan - Gustavo did a great job in the opening 2 stints although did lose a little bit of time when he got hit by an impatient DP. Linden took over after 2 stints and he hit the biggest issue of the race - after 4 laps of his stint he ran of of fuel - the stop hadn't refuelled him properly (probably due to a glitch between JRT and iRacing and so we had to tow. We lost about 2 laps and some positions but over the next 6 hours, Linden and Gustavo slowly moved us up in position and we were lying 6th when darkness fell on the track.


Once it turned dark, our car's setup really started to work well and we got into a long fight to run down 5th place. During his last stint, Linden made up a lot of time and took over 5th place just as #17 pitted. When Linden handed over to Rob a couple of laps later we were a couple of seconds ahead but #17 had their fastest driver in the car and he overtook Rob but Rob managed to control the gap and when he handed over to John, the gap was only 7 seconds or so and John was up against #17's slowest driver. So, John retook 5th and pulled a good lead. He also managed to save a little bit of fuel and did an extra lap - giving us a perfect schedule for 1 more stint from Rob. Rob extended the lead over #17 (who were in fuel problems, having pitted a lap earlier than us) and brought the car home 5th.


It was a great team performance - we had the lowest Inc count of the competitive GT3s and the fastest laps of the drivers were all within 1 sec of each other - and we had a lot of fun on the Discord chat.


A HUGE shout-out to Mattias for the setup - it was truly fantastic all the way through the race and allowed all of the drivers to concentrate on driving and the traffic rather than worrying about anything the car might do - it always did actually want we wanted it to do.